Our Services

Bringing over 20 years of home removal and furniture delivery expertise, Westfield Removals are here to support you with all your removal and delivery needs.

  • Home removals from Westfield Removals

    Home removals

    Westfield Removals offer an experienced and quality service to help you move all of your precious belongings over a short or long distance in a methodical and efficient manner.

    We offer a range of fleet solutions to cover small studios, to extra-large detached premises. No job is really too big or too small – we’ve tried our hand successfully at everything that’s been asked of us. We’re also honest enough to say “no” to the occasional job if we think it could be dangerous or go against our safety principles.

    We provide a free, no obligation quotation and take enquiries 24/7. If you are local, we usually pop out to see you which helps us build a bespoke package to suit your individual needs. 

    We offer amazing value for money in all that we do. This means we may not be the very cheapest, however you will get the very best service and peace of mind in the fact that we are experienced, professional and fully insured. 

  • Furniture delivery from Westfield Removals

    Furniture delivery

    Alongside our core removals service, we offer a straightforward collection and delivery option for items of furniture that are too big to move in a car.

    Dining suites, sofas, beds, bookcases – you name it, we can move it.  We can support you with just ‘a man and a van’, or provide a team of heavy lifters. For this service, we charge by the hour from the moment we arrive at your premises to the minute we drop it off at your chosen location – however far away that might be!

  • Contract deliveries from Westfield Removals

    Contract deliveries

    We have a really, REALLY big van!

    When it’s not in use for home or furniture removals we take precious cargo up and down the country on short term assignments. If you are a business needing a short term commercial delivery arranging, contact us to discuss your requirements to see if we can help.

  • Fully insured from Westfield Removals

    Fully insured

    When Westfield Removals was set up, the first and most important thing to us was to ensure the safety and peace of mind for all our customers.

    We are fully insured for Public Liability and Good in Transit. Please contact us to see our certifications before you book. Terms & Conditions apply.